Countdown to ‘Ultron’: Thor

Thor is finally up in our “Countdown to ‘Ultron’” miniseries.



Portrayed by: Chris Hemsworth

First Appearance: Thor

What makes Captain America awesome: He’s a god. Take that Kanye.

Best MCU Moment: Smashing Hulk’s face with his hammer in The Avengers.

Amongst the five other Avengers, Thor is probably the hardest to group. Black Widow and Hawkeye are both badass assassins, and Tony Stark shares the love of science with Bruce Banner and the leadership qualities with Steve Rogers/Captain America. Thor has been the oddball of the bunch, but in no way does that stop him from being awesome. He’s the only Avenger to come from space, and not only is he an alien, he’s a god from Asgard.

We are first introduced to Thor in Thor. His first outing wasn’t a big hit critically, but no doubt gave us our third solo Marvel film in which the titular hero would soon after assemble. After a verbal fight with his father Odin, he gets stripped of his Asgardian attire and his hammer. He then gets banished to Earth via wormhole where he is discovered by love interest Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). Joining Foster is her assistant Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) and her mentor Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgård). Thor goes looking for his hammer, Mjolnir, which is surrounded by an impromptu S.H.I.E.L.D. base. Unfortunately, Thor is unable to lift the hammer, given he is no longer worthy of doing so. Thor is captured and meets Phil Coulson, but he is soon released with some assistance from Selvig.

Loki, arguably the best thing to come from Thor’s contributions to the MCU, is this story’s budding antagonist. Tom Hiddleston has become a fan favorite and even has the role as the big bad in The Avengers. Loki causes all sorts of Mayhem for Thor and Asgard, even trying to get his (adoptive) father killed. A lot of obstacles are created, with the Bifröst Bridge getting destroyed, keeping Thor stranded on Asgard and separated from Jane. Meanwhile, Jane looks for a way to get Thor back to Earth. In the post-credits tag, Dr. Selvig is under Loki’s control, with the Tesseract given to Selvig by Nick Fury.



Thor’s role in The Avengers in minimal, with Loki doing the heavy lifting and plot movement. It’s always been fun to watch the likes of Thor and Captain America struggle with a different time and a different realm, and we got more of that in The Avengers. Outside of Hulk, Thor probably has the hardest hit of any of them, so it was nice to see the two spar it out. Also, Thor has a fun scrimmage with Iron Man, with his lightning giving Tony Stark’s suit a power boost. Ending the fight is a collision of Thor’s hammer and Cap’s vibranium shield. In the actual Battle of New York, Thor doesn’t really have a standout moment besides summoning lighting and attempting to close the Chitauri portal. Hulk smashes Loki, Black Widow closes the portal, Iron Man blows up the Chitauri and the Avengers win.

On to Thor: The Dark Word, where Thor reunites with the likes of Jane, Darcy and Erik. Loki is still a threat, but his character takes a back seat this time around. Instead, we are introduced to the Dark Elf, a very bad movie villain. The Tesseract did help to repair the Bifröst Bridge, but the ancient relic of interest this time is the Aether. Back on Earth, Jane encounters the Aether, which she absorbs. Thor returned to Earth to save her and actually brings her to Asgard. Asgard is of focus this time around, further making the Thor franchise a more distinct extension of the MCU. After their mother’s death, Thor and Loki joined forces to take down the common enemy. With all of the worlds aligning, Thor fights Malekith, and while doing so, he has the opportunity to knock him through a plethora of portals. Thor gets way more epic moments than he did in the first Thor, and that’s satisfying given his one-off moments in The Avengers. Thor: The Dark World ends with Thor denying the throne and a presumed-dead Loki being the one actually occupying it.

Loki will not be in Age of Ultron. After the second team-up, we will next see Thor and Loki in Thor: Ragnarok in 2017. Let’s hope that this time around Thor will have a more prevalent role and avoid being overshadowed by the likes of the Hulkbuster, Civil War set-up, Ultron within himself, newcomers Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver… oh boy.

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