Nerd Issues Weekly #17

YouNerded’s weekly pull list returns for the week of 5.6.2015.

Get back to your issues with ‘Arcadia,’ ‘Rocket Girl’ and ‘Secret Wars.’


The return of Nerd Issues Weekly is finally here with the 17th installment of the series! We’ve put our Comics section on hiatus, but today we’re coming out of retirement with plans to revamp the section and bring a more refined product to the table.

Now to get away from the logistical side of things, free comic book day has come and gone again this year, and I hope everyone was able to get out and pick up some awesome exclusives. It’s been awhile since we’ve dished on our issues, so without further ado, let’s get to this week’s pull list.

Arcadia #1

Story by: Alex Paknadel
Art by: Eric Scott Pfeiffer
Cover by: Matt Taylor
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Price: $3.99

BOOM! Studios

BOOM! Studios

Those who are familiar with my taste in comics know that I’m a sucker for post-apocalyptic series, hence why we’re going to be kicking off this week’s list with Arcadia. The premise of the story is a bit complex, but that’s the way I like it. When the Earth’s population has been deteriorated down to almost nothing, four billion people are digitally saved by being uploaded to a cloud-based utopian society called Arcadia—with some people still living in the real world. Problems start to occur, though, when Arcadia develops a major bug that is starting to delete power sources left over in the real world that people are still using. Arcadia features two new up and comers in Alex Paknadel and Eric Scott Pfeiffer, a move that is starting to become tradition at Boom! Studios, and a move that is showing great success. It’s always good to support new talent, so make sure you pick this one up.

Jupiter’s Circle #2

Story by: Mark Millar
Art by: Wilfredo Torres
Cover by: Frank Quitely
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $3.50

Image Comics

Image Comics

Mark Millar just continues to keep growing his name as well as his body of work, kicking off new series and signing film deals so fast it’ll make your head spin. Jupiter’s Circle is the prequel to this hit series Jupiter’s Legacy, and is currently on track to release its second issue this week. For those unfamiliar with the series, the story follows a group of people who traveled to an island just off the Cape Verde in 1932. Upon exploration of the island, the group was given superpowers beyond their imagination, leading them to have major influence over worldly politics. Aside from the political perspective of the story, the series also deals with the battle between the older generation of superheroes and their younger offspring, and their differences in their morals and beliefs. Jupiter’s Circle plays into all of this as a prequel to that story, following the character of Richard Conrad as he struggles to define the line between being a superhero, surgeon, teammate and informant.

Avengers Vs #1

Story by: Joe Caramagna
Art by: Andrea Di Vito
Cover by:  Kalman Andrasofszky
Publisher: Marvel
Price: $5.99



In honor of NIW coming out the week after Avengers: Age of Ultron came and made its mark, I think it’s only fair that we include the latest Avengers title to hit the market on this week’s list—even if that issue is coming in at a whopping $5.99. In Avengers Vs, we’re going get a relatively fresh story from Joe Caramanga that follows the Avengers as they go up against some of their all-time greatest enemies. So if you’re in the mood for more Avengers, and want to see Loki, MODOK, Red Skull and Atuma, pull this issue off the shelves and dive head first into four new short stories.

Secret Wars #1

Story by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Esad Ribic
Cover by:  Alex Ross
Publisher: Marvel
Price: $4.99



This week also is the kickoff to Marvel’s next big event, Secret Wars, and boy does it look fun. Secret Wars is going to take the Marvel Universe, along with the Ultimate Marvel, Age of Apocalypse and Marvel 2099 universes, and spin it into an alternate reality. This will all culminate into the Battleworld. Getting to see the different versions of characters that we’ve grown to love pitted against each other in the heat of battle is sure to excite over these next eight issues of this miniseries.

Rocket Girl #6

Story by: Brandon Montclare
Art by: Amy Reeder
Cover by:  Amy Reeder
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $5.99

Image Comics

Image Comics

Last but certainly not least for the week, we have Rocket Girl, as it makes its return for its second story arc in issue #6. In this issue, the story that was originally kickstarted by Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare follows the time-traveling teenage cop as she tries to hang them up after the events that took place in ‘86. Although, I have feeling it’s not going to be too much longer until she dusts off the jetpack again. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve always had a soft spot for Rocket Girl, as I’ve said in the past that it features some of the prettiest art on the shelves today. If this week’s cover is anything like the pages, then we’re in for another treat.

What did you guys pick up on free comic book day? What issues are you excited to pull this week? Tweet me @TarynGStark. Also, be sure to follow us at @YouNerded.

Source(s): TFawComicList

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