Nerd Issues Weekly #18

YouNerded’s weekly pull list returns for the week of 5.13.2015.

Pick up some fresh issues with ‘Injection,’ ‘Mythic,’ and ‘Lantern City.’

Boom! Studios

Nerd Issues Weekly is back in your life with a fresh list of all new comics that range from  superhero stories all the way to gothic fairytales, all of which are launching this week. Issues that are absent from this list but certainly should not be forgotten, as they are an essential part of the comic book diet, are The Walking Dead #141, Saga #28, Secret Wars #2 and Thor #8. This week’s issue of Thor is going to be a big one as it is the issue in which Thor’s secret identity will finally be revealed! Without further delay, let’s dive into to this week’s budding pull list.

Mantle #1

Story by: Ed Brisson
Art by: Brian Level
Cover by: Brian Level
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $3.99

Image Comics

Image Comics

Imagine stumbling home after a night out on the town in a less than clear state of mind, and then suddenly being struck by lightning, only to wake up as the host of an all new power set. This is what happens to Robbie in this week’s first new series, Mantle. The Mantle provides Robbie with a whole slew of powers that he’s less than thrilled to be the host of, but he is forced to change his attitude as the series’ villain, the Plague, is on his way to continue is long running tradition of killing off the host of the Mantle. Written by Ed Brisson, known for his work on Prophet, and illustrated by Brian Level, who formally worked on Lazarus, The Mantle is looking to continue the trend of quality pieces coming out of the Image camp as of late.

Mythic #1

Story by: Phil Hester
Art by: John McCrea
Cover by: John McCrea
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $1.99

Image Comics

Image Comics

Up next we’ve got the second of three #1s from Image this week with Mythic, the new series headed by Phil Hester (Green Arrow) and John McCrea (Boys). The series poses the question of “what if everything that we’ve ever known about science has been a lie?” And in fact it’s magic that makes the world go round and round? It’s up to Apache shaman Waterson, Greek immortal Cassandra and cellphone salesman Nate Jayadarma to keep the world of supernatural power going, while at the same time making sure we don’t know about it. If all of that doesn’t have you interested, surely the price point of $1.99 will sell you, as it’s hard to beat that price for an Image #1!

Injection #1

Story by: Warren Ellis
Art by: Declan Shalvey
Cover by: Declan Shalvey
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $2.99

Image Comics

Image Comics

Last of the new series from Image this week is Injection, the newest effort from the same creative team of Warren Ellis, Jordie Bellaire and Declan Shalvey, who together brought us the first six issues of Moon Knight over at Marvel. The story borrows from a plethora of genres that include science fiction, crime fiction, ghost stories and thrillers, and if that’s not enough to peak your interest, then you should know that the first issue also features some truly amazing artwork on behalf of Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire. If there’s one issue that I’m going to be pulling for sure this week, this is the one. Between the art and the story that follows five manic geniuses trying to save the world from going just as crazy from their own doings, this issue is sure to entertain.

Lantern City #1

Story by: Paul Jenkins
Art by: Carlos Magno
Cover by: Benjamin Carre
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Price: $3.99

Boom! Studios

Boom! Studios

Boom! Studios is a publisher that is not afraid to take chances with new series, and this week is no different with Lantern City #1 hitting the shelves. Written by Paul Jenkins and Carlos Magno, the story takes place in an all new and original steampunk world, where Sander Jorve looks to keep his family safe while they live in the struggle to make ends meeet in the lower-class section of the titular city. Looking to change his and his family’s lives for the better, Sander and his brother look to strike back against the rich and pompous, who stand above the city on the walls that tower over the poor, by infiltrating the guard. From what I’ve seen so far in the series preview, the artwork—especially the covers—have looked awesome, and it’s going to be interesting to see what Jenkins, Magno and Carre can get done in 12 issues.

Harrow County #1

Story by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Tyler Cook
Cover by: Tyler Cook
Publisher: Dark Horse
Price: $3.99

Dark Horse

Dark Horse

I don’t always like to pull horror series off the shelves, but every now and again, it’s good to dabble outside of your comfort zone and see how dark the grass is on the other side, and that is why we’re wrapping up this week’s pull list with Harrow County. One of the first things that lead me to throwing this onto the list was the art that was featured in the preview for this week’s issue. Tyler Cook always puts on a great showing, and it’s no different with this #1. I have a soft spot for watercolor-styled artwork, and Cook pulls off that look masterfully this week. The story that is being bid as a “gothic fairytale” follows Emmy as she explores her connection to ghosts, goblins and more on the eve of her birthday.

Which #1 issues are you going to be pulling off the shelves? Who are you guessing is going to be revealed as Thor? Tweet me @TarynGStark. Also, be sure to follow us at @YouNerded.

Source(s): TFaw, ComicList

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