E3 2015 Hype: ‘Fallout 4’

We keep the hype train going with our next E3 preview of ‘Fallout 4.’



Game: ‘Fallout 4’
Developer/Publisher: Bethesda
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Release Date: TBA
One-sentence pitch: After almost five years, the hugely popular ‘Fallout’ franchise is finally getting another installment, and this time it is in Boston.

The only official information that we have on Fallout 4 comes from the announcement trailer released earlier this month, but that doesn’t stop us from getting hyped for the next game in the popular RPG franchise. What we do know is that the game takes place in Boston, which is a first for the series, meaning that we get to see skyscrapers for the first time in a Fallout game. The trailer spends a lot of time focusing on a dog, which makes it likely that Fallout 4’s protagonist will have a dog companion, which NPC characters have had in past Fallout games. Other than that, however, we really don’t know much of anything about the new game. But that doesn’t matter! It’s a new Fallout game for the new console generation, and that’s all I need to be excited. I haven’t played much of Fallout before, but it is a series that I have always meant to start. Fallout 4 looks pretty great so far, so it might be my entrance into the series.

Considering how little we know about Fallout 4, I would fully expect a full gameplay trailer at Bethesda’s E3 presentation, along with greater details on the plot, gameplay, setting and everything else. The announcement trailer did a good job of giving us just enough information to build hype, but E3 is the time to capitalize on that hype with concrete details on the game. Gamers don’t want to play a game they don’t know anything about, and now is the time to tell us all about it.

Fallout 4 looks to be the RPG of the year, and for good reason. Bethesda has proved time and time again in both the Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises that they are the masters of the RPG. What Bethesda needs to do now is show us why we should be excited for their new game with specifics, instead of a short announcement trailer that showed almost nothing.

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