E3 2015: ‘Gears 4’ and ‘Gears of War Ultimate Edition’ Announced

The fourth installment of the franchise, along with a revamp of the original is coming to the Xbox One.

Dust off those blades…

After a recent leak of gameplay screenshots in the past month leading up to today’s big show, Microsoft has finally announced Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, the HD remake of the original title from Epic Games.

The new remake will be exclusive to the Xbox One and will feature a remastered and modernized version of the game. Due out Aug. 25, 2015, the game will feature full 1080p graphics, as well as a 60fps framerate. Starting today, Xbox Live Gold Members can access the open beta for the next week, with no official word yet on a private or extended beta.

Following the official announcement of the Ultimate Edition, Rod Ferguson also showed off a real time gameplay video of Gears 4. The demo featured a new duo of characters, a man and a woman, and a whole new breed of beasts. Although the classic Lancer and Gnasher shotgun were shown off, there was no sign of any of the cast from its preceding titles.

There is no word on where the game is set in terms of the Gears storyline, but we can expect to see Gears 4 hitting the markets somewhere near Holiday 2016.

What do you think about ‘Gears of War’ making its return to E3? Will Marcus, Cole and Baird make their way back? Tweet us @YouNerded.

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