E3 2015: ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Announced

No more teases


After years of speculation, the long rumored Mass Effect 4 has been announced, and it’s officially called Mass Effect Andromeda.

Little is known about the new game currently, but it is confirmed that Andromeda will be set “far away from and long after” the events of the original Mass Effect trilogy. Players will get to explore a whole new galaxy—the Andromeda—in the game. Bioware went on to reveal that players will again play as a human, and they will get to choose whether they want to be male or female, just like the original trilogy. Also like the original trilogy, Andromeda will feature a new team of aliens to “work with, fight alongside of and fall in love with.”

Other gameplay details include the confirmation that an updated version of the Mako vehicle will be driveable.

Mass Effect Andromeda is scheduled to be released Holiday 2016.

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Via: IGN
Source(s): E3
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