E3 2015: Xbox One Gets Backwards Compatibility

100 Xbox 360 titles will now be playable on Xbox One starting Holiday 2015

Back to the classics

Just today at Microsoft’s E3 afternoon press conference, Team Xbox also took a break from the new IP debuts to announce a feature that gamers have been begging for since the system’s initial launch.

Starting this holiday, around 100 Xbox 360 games will be made available on the marketplace, with even more to start showing up in the months following the initial launch. Good news for consumers who have held on to their old copies of the games, as they will still be able to use their retail discs to access the downloads of the available backwards compatible titles.

Aside from being able to play classic titles on the Xbox One, players can also use all the features of the Xbox One while playing their 360 games, including screenshots, multiplayer, voice chat, screen recording and streaming.

The process for getting titles to work on the Xbox One is going to help the feature flourish, with it being said that developers will only need to approve that they want their game to be available as a backwards compatible titles.

Starting today, preview members can get a first chance at testing out the new service.

What games are you looking forward to bringing over to the Xbox One? Did Microsoft impress with their conference? Tweet us @YouNerded.

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