E3 2015: Xbox One Wireless Elite Controller Debuted

All new customizable, remappable controller coming to Xbox One.

While taking a break from plethora of exclusive game debuts at this afternoon’s press conference, Microsoft took the time to show off some flashy new hardware: the Wireless Elite Controller.

The aforementioned product will be replacing the standard directional pad with an all-new textured rolling pad. In an effort to further increase precision, new thumbstick sensitivity curves will be added along with hair trigger locks for the left and right triggers. Adding even more to the redesign, the controller will now feature four new bumper pads on the back of the handgrips. In addition, the bumper pads—as well as the ABXY buttons—will be completely remappable.

Perhaps the biggest new feature on the controller is the amount of customization the product is set to offer. With the ability to change the thumbsticks, directional pad, as well as the four new bumper pads.

What do you think about the new rolling directional pad? Are these new features worth it to get a new controller? Tweet us @YouNerded.

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