New ‘Minecraft’ Demonstrates Microsoft’s HoloLens

JARVIS, is that you?

Microsoft via

Today during Microsoft’s E3 conference, Mojang demonstrated a new, updated version of Minecraft which is compatible with the new HoloLens. The HoloLens allows players to play Minecraft on any flat surface, from a coffee table to a wall. During the conference, a Mojang team member was able to walk around a table to view his Minecraft world, look inside buildings, zoom in and out and grab the world and lift it up to view the caverns underneath.

The new game was also revealed to be compatible with voice commands, allowing players to become a virtual god of their worlds, able to summon lightning strikes with simply their voice. The updated version of the game will also be compatible with the regular PC version, allowing players from both versions to inhabit the same world.

More on the new update and hardware will be revealed at MineCon 2015, which will happen in London on July 4-5.

Will the HoloLens give the Oculus Rift some competition? Is this going to be revolutionary, or just a gimmick? Tweet us @YouNerded.

Via: IGN
Source(s): Microsoft’s Xbox One Event
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