‘Rare Replay’ Announced

A trip down memory lane


In honor of Rare’s 30th anniversary, the acclaimed developer will be releasing Rare Replay, a 30(!) game collection available this August.

The collection will explore the history of Rare according to Rare itself. The games in Rare Replay will include several fan favorites released on multiple different consoles, including Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Battletoads, Conker’s Bad Fur Day and much more. The game will also contain new challenges, achievements and cheats, including a “snapshot” of each game that allows players to play an iconic part of the game without having to play the whole thing, if they so choose.

Rare Replay will also feature a gamerscore over 10,000 points, to go along with its over 700 hours of gameplay.

Whelp, guess its time for me to get an Xbox One.

What is your favorite Rare game? On a scale of great to awesome, what do you think of the new collection? Tweet us @YouNerded.

Via: IGN
Source(s): E3
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