Flash Piece: ‘South Park: The Fractured but Whole’ E3 Trailer

We head on down to South Park for the unexpected sequel to ‘The Stick of Truth.’



It certainly came out of nowhere, but Matt Stone and Trey Parker are heading back to the world gaming with South Park: The Fractured but Whole. In a direct sequel to last spring’s delightful The Stick of Truth, you will once again be the new kid in South Park as you team up with the boys to get “no less than a 9.5 on GameSpot.” Fractured features the same Paper Mario inspired RPG gameplay, where the combat is turn-based and characters can use button presses for extra damage and power-ups. The player character will also be able to explore South Park with one of a few “partners” from the show that can aid them in battle and help them solve puzzles.

While The Stick of Truth lampooned the fantasy genre, The Fractured but Whole pushes the series into the realm of superheroes as the boys hilariously change costumes and appear to pick up the storyline showcased in the show’s “Coon & Friends” trilogy. (Here’s hoping Cartman rides Cthulhu again!) With the trailer showcasing superhero versions of everyone, along with fan favorites like Towelie and Professor Chaos, it’s looking like The Fractured but Whole will have even more of that South Park charm that made The Stick of Truth so enjoyable. While Ubisoft hasn’t said anything more on the release date than a non-committal “2016,” it’s a safe bet that this trip to Parker & Stone’s surreal mountain town will come a lot sooner than the last one.

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