Flash Piece: ‘Star Fox Zero’ E3 Trailer

Nintendo’s latest trip to the Lylat system is looking fine.



Nintendo finally let the Fox out of the bag this morning as they kicked their E3 conference off with a charming Muppets-style sketch, which led into a trailer for the now titled Star Fox Zero. The gameplay shown looks like a more polished version of the demo seen at E3 2014, with the Arwing switching to the Landmaster and using a robot to retrieve items. What is new, however, is the addition of two more vehicles: a two-legged mech called a Walker (kind of like an AT-AT from Star Wars) and a helicopter-like ship called the Gyromaster.

The best thing about the trailer, though, was probably just seeing Star Fox back in action with that classic shoot ‘em gameplay that made the series a household game. There are a few lingering questions, though, particularly what the game’s story will be, as Shigeru Miyamoto stated the game is not intended as a sequel or remake of any past Star Fox game. Perhaps Nintendo is going to pull an Alien 4 and simply ignore everything passed Star Fox 64?

Overall, the return of Star Fox 64-style gameplay and the vehicle transformations are making Zero look like a great return to form for the series. Nintendo certainly did a barrel roll on this one.

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