Flash Piece: ‘Doctor Who’ Series 9 Trailer

Can Maisie Williams be the new companion?


“What Took You So Long, Old Man?”

It’s been awhile since the last time we saw anything Who-related, discounting the big reveal that Doctor Who would join the line-up of franchises in Lego: Dimensions. While that was certainly exciting, it has nothing to do with the future of BBC’s flagship series, which is why the new trailer is so exciting. Not that much was actually revealed, but, hey, it is a teaser after all.

The biggest takeaway from the trailer is that the special effects seem to be way better than before. Doctor Who has always had wonky effects that took a substantial suspension of disbelief. But in a world where viewers are now used to seeing dragons, superheroes and dinosaurs in jaw-dropping special effects, it is time that Doctor Who stepped its game up. Another big takeaway is that ‘Missy’ from last season is here to stay as the main villain, which is great for me, since I was pretty disappointed with her last time. I hope that this time around she can make a better impact, considering who she is. The trailer also featured the ever-adorable Maisie Williams at the end, with the Doctor reflecting the viewer with his “You” line. Is it too much to hope that Maisie replaces Clara as the companion? *Sigh*.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and space travel in the Who-verse, as the trailer also had Doctor Who’s now trademarked cheesiness. From the bizarre and cliche tagline of “Born to save the universe” to the Doctor’s strange monologue, this season definitely won’t be escaping the over-the-top nature the show has had for the last several years. I particularly cringed at the “I want to kiss it to death” line, though my disgust was lessened by the Doctor’s awkward shrug after it. I have been an avid supporter of Capaldi’s incarnation of the Doctor from the beginning, as I have always preferred wit to whimsy, and it doesn’t get more whimsical than Matt Smith’s Doctor. It’s nice to see his grudging, snarky charm again, though I hope that he isn’t going to be a lovestruck puppy dog the whole season considering who he is up against.

All things considered, the trailer did what it should have done: it left us wanting more. It likely won’t get anybody excited that isn’t already a fan, but that isn’t what they should be going for. Doctor Who is the longest running Sci-Fi show of all time; at this point, it should have all the viewers it needs—especially given just who the villain will be.

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