Flash Piece: First Look at Psylocke, Storm and Apocalypse in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

Post-production save us all.

20th Century Fox / Entertainment Weekly

Is that Ivan Ooze?

After a long wait, we finally got our first look at Oscar Isaac’s take on the mutant titan, Apocalypse. Unfortunately, however, it looks pretty awful. Apocalypse is hard to translate to the big screen, with the closest thing I’ve seen being Ronan the Conqueror from Guardians of the Galaxy. He is big, strangely colored and looks vaguely like a clown’s corpse that was floating in water for too long.

The comics do a great job at making him the most intimidating and terrifying villain in the X-Men universe, but there is a reason that after more than 10 years and almost as many movies that this is the first time the X-Men’s anti-christ has finally made it to the big screen. The reason is that we end up getting this, a watered-down version of the villain that looks like Ivan Ooze from the Power Rangers movie. All hope is not lost however, because in today’s modern age, set photos mean almost nothing, since everything is tweaked and fixed in post-production. Does anyone remember what Azog from the Hobbit movies looked like in the set photos? Once the movie came out, they had completely changed the character to be an all-CGI monstrosity, and not in the good way. I’m not saying I am hoping they make an all-CGI version of Apocalypse, but there is a lot that can change between now and the 2016 release date.

We also got to see Psylocke and Storm in the set photo, and they look substantially better. Olivia Munn in particular is rocking it as Psylocke, blasting away all of the nay-sayers that claimed she was too old for the part when her casting was first announced. They even got her hair right! Storm looks a bit sillier with her mohawk and glittery cape, but, hey, it is the ‘80s after all. Both of them look great, which gives me hope for the less than perfect Apocalypse costume.

What happened to Apocalypse? On a scale of 10 to 10, how perfect is Olivia Munn as Psylocke? Tweet me @adam_mcconnell. And be sure you follow us @YouNerded.

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