Nerd Issues Weekly #24

YouNerded’s weekly pull for the week of 7.22.2015.

Get it together with our new pick for Cover of the Week, ‘Wolf #1’ and ‘We Are Robin #2.’

DC Comics

Welcome back to the new and improved 24th edition of Nerd Issues Weekly, where we help you sort out your issues to get through the rest of the week. As most of you know, the industry just keeps getting bigger, which is why we’re reaching out to you for your help! If you want to get involved with our comics channel—or any other channel of our site—we want you to drop in an application here and let us know what you nerd out about. This week we’re also launching a new format to NIW as well as some new picks of the week, with more changes to follow. So, let’s not wait any longer and get to pulling our issues, together… which isn’t weird, right?

Cover of the Week: Star-Lord & Kitty Pryde #1 Variant

A callback to classic action figures has the Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde crossover (which is not so coincidentally going by the same name) earning the inaugural “Cover of the Week.” This is a continuation on what Marvel has been doing as of late with some of its biggest franchises, such as Star Wars and Spider-Man. John Tyler Christopher continues with his unique style that will make great for anyone’s collection.

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics

Trade of the Week: Vertigo Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black TPB

Where else are you going to find a collection that includes the work of comic book icons Fabio Moon, Jock, James Tynion IV, Tony Akins, Peter Milligan, Nathan Fox, Gerard Way and several others? The answer is nowhere. This week, Vertigo is continuing its quarterly collection of 296 fully-colored, astonishing pages that are to show off some of the best work from their partners, making this a must have for lovers of short graphic fiction.



Main Issues:

Wolf #1

Publisher: Image Comics
Story by: Ales Kot
Art by: Matt Taylor
Cover by: Matt Taylor
Cover Price: $4.99

Image Comics

Image Comics

Wolf is the latest effort from Ales Kot and Matt Taylor. The story revolves around Antoine Wolfe, an ex-military detective who has been through the ringer. Not only has he been through an incredible amount of hardship, but he also now lives in a world where he’s surrounded by economic downfall. The once beautiful Echo Park is now littered, illiterate and a shell of its former self. What sets this story apart from previous renditions of the hardboiled, gritty detective is that Antoine will be investigating the paranormal—well, that and that the series is being written by Kot, who always finds a way to leave his mark on a genre. Personally, I have very high hopes for what is starting to look like the love child of True Detective and Constantine.

Cyborg #1

Publisher: DC Comics
Story by: David Walker
Art by: Ivan Reis
Cover by: Ivan Reis
Cover Price: $2.99

DC Comics

DC Comics

It shouldn’t be any surprise that Cyborg is one of the more popular characters in the DC Universe when you step outside of the realm of Batman, Superman and their other big leads. What is a surprise is how little attention he’s received in his own personal hybrid spotlight. Save face for today while Cyborg #1 finally hits the shelves, giving the character the series he deserves. That isn’t to discredit his enlarged role with the New 52, but there’s something inherently special about a character having their own regular run. With this new series, we can expect to explore Cyborg from a whole new dimension, as the machine that has been engrained in his body is starting to evolve without any real reason given. Aside from all that, this #1 has an awesome cover, one that could have easily been our “Cover of the Week” had there not been the launching of a Star-Lord/Kitty Pryde crossover.

Power Up #1

Publisher: Boom! Studios
Story by: Kate Leth
Art by: Matt Cummings
Cover by: Matt Cummings
Cover Price: $3.99

Boom! Studios

Boom! Studios

Over the past two years or so, Boom! Studios has really found its niche with series that have been cranking out and blowing up. I can’t think of another publisher that has a better spectrum of more serious comics like Polarity and Robocop, while also having lighter runs like Teen Dog and Adventure Time. This week Boom! brings another light-hearted player to the table with Power Up. Power Up is a story that disregards any kind of trope of the right heroes being chosen for the job, and instead flipping that idea on its head and seeing what happens when the not-so-likely people are chosen to become superheroes. In a team that includes a washed up athlete, a single mom and an aimless twenty something, we’re going to see just how well this unlikely band of heroes can handle this new heap of responsibility. With the same team behind the highly successful Adventure Time comic, Kate Leth and Matt Cummings are looking to hit another home run together. If you’re looking for something that has a very Big Hero 6-y/Scott Pilgrim-esque feel, this is something you should definitely be picking up.

The Shortlist

  1. Sidekick #11 – | Image Comics | J. Michael Straczynski & Tom Mandrake | $2.99
  2. Stray Bullets Sunshine & Roses #6 – | Image Comics | Jason Lapham | $3.50
  3. We Are Robin #2 – | DC Comics | Lee Bermejo & Jorge Corona | $3.99
  4. Egos #8 – | Image Comics | Stuart Moore & Gus Storms | $2.99

What’s your Short List of comics for this week? What do you think of our new format change? Tweet me @TarynGStark. And be sure to follow us at @YouNerded.

Source(s): TFaw, ComicList

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