3 Live-Action ‘Star Wars’ Series Rumored for Netflix

The universe is expanding?

Could we hear more at D23 next month?

Lucasfilm via Vanity Fair

It looks like Disney and Netflix still have a fruitful business relationship, as it is now rumored from undisclosed sources that the two mega-companies are set to make another Marvel-esque deal, bringing no less than three Star Wars series to the Internet TV platform.

Details are sparse for the time being, but the rumors could mean big things for Star Wars fans, since this would be the first time a serious Star Wars TV series has been attempted. The rumors claim that Disney and Netflix were very pleased with the performance of Daredevil, and wish to continue growing their respective mountains of money with another high-profile, multi-series deal with a huge franchise. These rumors shut down the previous rumors that Disney was interested in making a Star Wars TV series on ABC, similar to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Via: Comicbook
Source(s): Cinelinx
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