‘PS I Love You XOXO’ Review

The boys are back to podcast about all things PlayStation.

Image via Kinda Funny Games


Note: This is a one-time review. I’m not that crazy.

“Hail Shuhei, full of Grace. Kaz Harai is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst gamers and blessed is the fruit of thy Sony Worldwide Studios. Holy Kutaragi, Father of PlayStation, pray for our trophies now and at the hour of the next PSN outage. Amen”

Kinda Funny has kept Colin Moriarty and Greg Miller in the lives of PlayStation fans following their heartbreaking departure from entertainment juggernaut and the in-house, PlayStation Powerhouse that is Podcast Beyond (not Clements). After nine months, the boys are finally back in charted territory, ready to present fans their myriad of knowledge of PlayStation, married with their fandom for the company in their new podcast, PS I Love You XOXO.

If you’ve followed the Kinda Funny crew through their indie journey to YouTube, you haven’t missed much. The GameOverGreggy Show gives you Greg’s table-slamming, ego-inflating shenanigans, and on the gaming side of the company you get Colin’s beloved commentary on the video game industry. But seasoned fans of the duo still lacked the sole PlayStation coverage they’ve ached for. Well, that aching now has its remedy.

Image via Kinda Funny Games

Image via Kinda Funny Games

PS I Love You itself is wildly entertaining; it’s about 60% Colin and Greg Live and 40% Podcast Beyond (preceding Episode 382). I had myself a great laugh at the ever so familiar segments that rang both original and “let’s not get sued” loud and true. You can still get a baker’s dozen worth of topics in Roper’s Report. In the Topic of the Show (t.ot.s., t.ot.s., t.ot.s….) portion of the podcast, you get the same discussion on vital issues and trends happening within the vast world of PlayStation. PS I Love You even ends the show with the perfectly titled “Singin’ to Shuhei” segment that wraps up every week of PlayStation talk. Finally, I have to admit that it’s so satisfying to have a PlayStation podcast with explicit language.

With all the similarities to the how the show used to be—which is much appreciated—I did notice that Colin leads the show instead of Greg a la C&G Live. Even with that, the show remains true to the material and to the fans. While the show does work as an audio podcast just fine (you get the added treat of a song), the video version of the show naturally adds a bit more personality. Sure, you can listen to Greg shriek and singlehandedly offend a nation, but there’s just an overall better experience seeing him do it and then having him stare into your soul with his dark, piercing eyes.


Overall, we’re back to square one in the best way possible. There’s no Clements, as he’s on the PlayStation Blogcast, and there’s no Goldfarb, as he’s on Podcast Beyond. Instead, we get who we’ve always known to be the heart and sole of PlayStation commentary on the Internet. The show is polished, disorderly in an organized fashion and just a treat to have in your feed. PS I Love You shall grow in tandem with the PlayStation brand from this point forward. Ground zero has never felt so good.


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