Geek Speak #21: Nintendo’s First Mobile Game is Almost as Stupid as ‘Indiana Jones 5’

‘Geek Speak’ is old enough to drink right in time for Halloween, and we celebrate by doing almost nothing different.

Image via Nintendo

Don’t Call Adam A Brony.

Welcome to the 21st episode of Geek Speak! This week we dish on Supergirl and video game news, and Adam makes a confession during ‘WhoDaWin.’

The topics we cover this week are:

  • Nintendo announces first mobile “game”: Miitomo.
  • Nintendo announces new loyalty program called My Nintendo
  • Heavy Rain developer announces Detroit: Become Human
  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Delayed to May
  • Batman Arkham Knight still not fixed after PC relaunch
  • Cancelled Darth Maul Origin story video game re-pitched to EA
  • Sam Raimi wants to help Marvel with Spider-Man
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Matthew McConaughey turns down villain role, Pom Klementieff reportedly lands Mantis role.
  • Suicide Squad: Reports indicate a love triangle between Harley, Joker and Deadshot.
  • Doctor Who’s K-9 gets his own movie
  • Wonder Woman movie rumored to have Ares and Circe as villains, Batman appearance in climax
  • Our recurring segment ‘My Humble Opinion,’ when each of us talk about what we are watching/playing right now and give our “Humble Opinions” on it.
  • Finally, ‘WhoDaWin,’ complete with it’s own intro, when we pick two random characters to fight in a ramdom competition so we can decide Who Would Win, or ‘WhoDaWin.’ This week features Jack The Pumpkin King, Freddy Krueger and sigh, Rainbow Dash.

Listen to Geek Speak #21: Nintendo’s First Mobile Game is Almost as Stupid as ‘Indiana Jones 5’

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And that’s it for this week! Geek Speak will be a weekly show posted each Friday (ish). See you next week!

Is Deadshot too old for Harley Quinn? Will Nintendo’s mobile game work out? Do you agree with Steve on ‘Indiana Jones’? Let us know what you think in the comments or email us

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