The Flash: “Enter Zoom” Review

Season 2 Episode 6

Team Flash tries to unite as Zoom comes crashing onto the scene.

Image via The CW


Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

Much like Season 1’s “The Man in the Yellow Suit,” “Enter Zoom” is an episode completely devoted to building up and teasing its main villain. Zoom has been an interesting big bad, but thus far, aside from that fact that everyone on Earth-2 fears him, there is not much known about him. “Enter Zoom” attempts to rectify that, but as to whether it succeeds, the answer is “kind of.”

Picking up directly after “The Darkness and the Light,” Barry interrogates Dr. Light about how she intended to signal Zoom. He gets the information but manages to escape, leaving Barry to recruit Linda Parke, prime to don the Dr. Light identity and summon the otherworldly speedster. Meanwhile, the Earth-2 Harrison Wells had more of his backstory revealed as he attempted to build a gun that would slow down Zoom. This episode’s smaller, more focused conflict was a welcome respite from the bigger, more bombastic romps of weeks’ past, and it was great to see Linda used in an entertaining and meaningful way as she learned how to control Dr. Light’s powers. The fake battle that her and Flash get into in the second act was a perfect capper to this, and almost takes a Venture Bros.-like approach to the battle between heroes and villains. And it’s also a pretty good example of the colorful theatrics and human emotions that make The Flash such a joy to watch. The Wells-2 material wasn’t too shabby either, as it further fleshed out the relationship between him and his daughter, something that immediately makes this take on the character different from the original and much more intriguing.

Image via The CW

Image via The CW

Zoom himself was a mixed bag. The show has spent a lot of time building him up as an unstoppable force of destruction, and everything, from his terrifying design to his creepy, guttural voice, backs that up. Yet, for all the time the show spends building Zoom as a force to be reckoned with, “Enter Zoom” still doesn’t show his motivation or mindset beyond simply wanting to kill other speedsters. Reverse-Flash was also shrouded in mystery, but seeing him in his civilian identity is what helped to flesh out what made the man into the monster—and he became such a memorable villain because of it.


“Enter Zoom” did a lot of things right, offering a smaller, more human tale while still moving the Earth-2 plot forward. Linda’s path towards being a hero was both endearing and enjoyable, and the episode as a whole nailed the series’ optimistic, yet darker tone. While Zoom was successfully shown as every bit the monster he was built up to be, he’s still not a very complex villain, and finding out who the man under that mask was will be key going into the future.


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