Ink Tank #34: Cross Overlords

Max and Alex dig into new Marvel and DC trailers and dive into the ‘Arrow’/’Flash’ event.

Image via Marvel Studios


Welcome back, true believers! There’s all sorts of stupendous superhero happenings going on from the mightiest mag makers around, so why are we wasting our time judiciously jabbering on on here? These are the tantalizing topics you’ll find in this week’s ecstatic episode:

– Our heroes analyze and freak out over the Captain America: Civil War trailer. Will the Russo Bros. go bigger and better with this latest installment?

– They can, and they have! And now get us some photos, photos of Spider-Man!

– A new Batman v Superman trailer dropped, and it’s spoilerific. If the trailer revealed the whole movie, what did our heroes think of it?

– The time has come at last for this year’s The Flash/Arrow crossover! Did Max and Alex dig Oliver and Barry’s latest team up? How was the introduction of Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Legends of Tomorrow’s big bad, Vandal Savage? There’s only one place to find out!

Note: The following podcast contains EXPLICIT language and discussion of Arrow and The Flash. SPOILER ALERT!

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That’s it for this week, but our heroes will return next week to talk about the season closers for Arrow and The Flash, as well as a little sci-fi series you might be familiar with. Until then, stay gold, true believers!

‘Civil War’ or ‘Dawn of Justice’? How is the new take on Vandal Savage? Talk amongst yourselves in the letters column below or email us at

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