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The year your tax return disappears

2015 Part 2

UPDATE 1According to The Wrap, the much anticipated return of Avatar has been delayed indefinitely. With that, the last segment may still be valid if the delay is less than two years. At some point, though, we will probably get a Star Wars property going up against the Blue Juggernaut.

Original Feature:
2015 was obviously a jam-packed year for the blockbuster, be it a summer one or a holiday season bomb (the good kind). We saw the return of the Jurassic Park franchise and the return of Star Wars in its proper form. While DC still needed more time to expand its universe, they did give us excellent sneak peaks at the duo of 2016 DCEU films in two, although one great, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailers and one Suicide Squad trailer—one that would be followed up with one of the greatest trailers of 2016. On Marvel’s side, the Big M closed out their much improved Phase 2 with Age of Ultron and Ant-Man. Oh, and Mad Max: Fury Road burned my eyes out, in a good way.

With 2015 being so stellar, I decided to look to the future, past Batman v Superman v Captain America v Iron Man, past the box office showdown between Episode VIII and Avatar 2, even past Justice League Part One and Infinity War Part 1. I’m looking at 2019, a year that is shaping up to be one of the biggest, most lucrative goddamn years for the box office.


Image via Marvel Comics

Image via Marvel Comics

Phase 3 has yet to kick off, but 2019 will see the end of it with Avengers Infinity War – Part 2. At this point, we will know who Black Panther is per his introduction in Civil War and his solo flick in Feb. 2018, as well as Captain Marvel, with her inception possibly being ignited in Guardians Vol. 2 or possibly in Infinity War – Part 1. Additionally, we will have a new, and predictably better, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange will have unlocked a new genre within the MCU. All of of this, with the help of the Inhumans and more time with Thor and Ant-Man makes this Phase 3 finale not only a culmination of what Civil War is setting forth, but what Marvel has been building since 2008’s Iron Man. To put this in perspective, Infinity War – Part 2 is already set to have 67(!) characters, so all of the Iron Man movies, the one and a half good Captain America movies, Thor’s…movies, the Netflix series, Agents of S.H.I.E.LD. and Agent Carter, the two achievements that were the Avengers and Age of Ultron and all of the newly ushered-in characters will all be a part of one huge finale.

And that’s just one movie in 2019.


Image via DC Comics

Image via DC Comics

In 2019, DC will be finishing its Phase 1 of movies with Justice League Part Two, a climax of all that has come before it akin to Marvel. While DC’s TV properties are isolated in their own universe, they will still have boasted an impressive number of silver screen entries before their heroes team up for a second time. Batman v Superman presenting the dawn of the Justice League and Suicide Squad splattering this universe’s rogues gallery in one movie is quite the way to kick things off. But, it’s what leads up to Justice League Part Two that makes the 2019 release year a much anticipated one. In 2017, DC will show us what it’s like to have a female-led superhero movie on the big screen with Wonder Woman, while introducing us to the Justice League proper in the team’s first outing. 2018 will expound upon The Flash’s lore as well as Aquaman’s while he aims to “Unite The Seven.” There’s also a solo Batman breakout that will feature Will Smith’s Deadshot. Finally we arrive at the year of importance, 2019, with DC’s more comedic films in Shazam. Shazam, while a noteworthy entry, is not the shining DC armor of 2019, that suit goes to Justice League Part Two. There’s tons of spoilerific talk of who the villain will be and what heroes will appear. Without pressing that button we can still all bet on a fantastic fest of heroes and villains duking it out in one giant, DCE Universe defining narrative that will set up Phase 2.

For those keeping track, the movie with the smorgasbord of Marvel heroes tallied at 67 characters and the finale of a film that is Justice League Part Two will release 42 days apart.


Image via Lucasfilm

Image via Lucasfilm

The Force Awakens is struggling to capture Titanic’s #2 spot globally, let alone Avatar’s success. With the recent announcement that Episode VIII will be moving from its slated May 26, 2017 release date to the proven frugal slot of Dec. 15, 2017, that pits it against the return of Avatar (the one without the bending of air). If you’ve been paying attention, you know this isn’t the battle of the utmost importance, instead it’s the rematch that’s far more intriguing. Disney has revealed that they believe the month of December can be quite the money maker, so I don’t think it will be any surprise when they announce the release date for Episode IX to be Dec. 20, 2019. Here’s the thing guys and gals, Avatar 4 will most likely premiere the next week on Dec. 27. While the return of Avatar will be quite the drop, we are all suckers for a finale. I imagine when you have the third part of the new and much loved Star Wars trilogy and the third part of the returned Avatar series, the boxing ring will be bloody. I picture the “personification” of said fight looks like something straight out of Pacific Rim.

There’s no doubt 2019 will be a huge year. Will your wallets, purses, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and, probably by 2019, Windows Pay be able to handle this big of a year at the box office? Finishing this off, I will leave you with a list of the movies you care about and how many days you and your finances have to recover.

Captain Marvel — March 8, 2019

28 days later

Shazam! — April 5, 2019

28 days later

Avengers: Infinity War – Part 2 — May 3, 2019

42 days later

Justice League Part Two — June 14, 2019

7 days later

Incredibles 2 — June 21, 2019

21 days later

Inhumans — July 12, 2019

151 days later

Star Wars: Episode IX — Dec. 20, 2019 [Prediction]

7 days later

Avatar 4 — Dec. 27, 2019 [Prediction]

Will you be filing for bankruptcy in 2020? Who will win the 2019 box office? You have between now and 2018 to tell me @NerdDotMe. And be sure to follow the site you’re reading @YouNerded.

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