DorkDuo #7: Pixar Releases ‘Ghostbusters’ as a Nintendo Direct-To-Video

Adam lets the hate flow on ‘Ghostbusters,’ and the Dorks gush on ‘Kirby Planet Robobot.’

Image via All-Star Studios [YouTube]

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Welcome to the seventh episode of DorkDuo! This episode features a ton of Nintendo Direct news, along with the Dorks’ thoughts on the Ghostbusters and Finding Dory trailers.

The topics we cover this week are:

  • Ghostbusters Trailer Reaction
  • Finding Dory Trailer Reaction
  • Green Lantern won’t be in first Justice League movie
  • Suicide Squad sequel already in the works, Will Smith signed on  
  • Marvel Studios has no plans for R-rated movies
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. renewed
  • Zack Snyder wants to make 300-style George Washington movie
  • Splatoon gets more updates, including new weapon
  • Mario Maker gets update with new items, Super Expert mode.
  • Lost Reavers announced
  • Paper Mario Color Splash announced for Wii U
  • Hyrule Warriors Legends is getting a season pass for four DLC characters, including Medli
  • Metroid Prime Federation Force gets a new trailer
  • Star Fox Guard announced
  • Kirby Planet Robobot announced
  • My Humble Opinion: Our weekly segment where we both give our honest opinions on what we have recently played/watched recently. This week the Dorks look at Young Justice and Broforce
  • WhoDaWin: Our weekly segment where we randomly pick two characters from across the Geek universe and pit them against each other in a random competition so that we can decide ‘Who Would Win,’ or ‘WhoDaWin.’

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And that’s it for this week! DorkDuo will be a weekly show posted each Friday(ish). See you next week!

Sad that ‘Ghostbusters’ destroyed your childhood? Are you interested in ‘Kirby Planet Robobot’? Tell us your opinion in the comments or email us

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