DorkDuo #15: Agent Carter Starts a Civil War Over the New Pokemon Starters

The Dorks review ‘Civil War’ and talk about how much we love Rowlet.

Image via Game Freak / Nintendo

“You Have The Right To Remain Silent.”

Welcome to the 15th episode of DorkDuo! This episode features our thoughts on Civil War and our take on all of the recent TV news.

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The topics we cover this week are:

  • Civil War Review
  • Marvel’s Most Wanted passed by ABC
  • Agent Carter cancelled
  • Supergirl moving to CW for Season 2
  • Jessica Jones Season 2 will film directly after the Defenders, Trish and Simpson confirmed to return
  • Lupita Nyong’o will reportedly play love interest in Black Panther
  • Willem Dafoe will supposedly play an Atlantean in Justice League
  • Assassin’s Creed Trailer
  • Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters revealed: Rowlet, Litten and Poppillo, region will be Alola—based on Hawaii, and legendaries revealed
  • Battlefield One announced
  • Disney Infinity ending
  • Marvel’s Darth Vader coming to an end at issue 25
  • My Humble Opinion: Our weekly segment where we both give our honest opinions on what we have recently played/watched recently. This week the Dorks look at C-390: The Phantom Limb and Arkham Knight
  • WhoDaWin: Our weekly segment where we randomly pick two characters from across the Geek universe and pit them against each other in a random competition so that we can decide ‘Who Would Win,’ or ‘WhoDaWin.’

And that’s it for this week! DorkDuo will be a weekly show posted each Friday(ish). See you next week!

What don’t you like about ‘Civil War’?  Which is the best starter and why is it Rowlet? Tell us your opinion in the comments or email us

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