Preacher: “The Possibilities” Review

‘Preacher’ continues its slow burn, but continues to be a rewarding watch.

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“We’re From The Government.”

Preacher has been playing the long game from the very start, with a dense mythology being expertly woven into a fairly offbeat character drama right from the start. However, the show’s third episode, “The Possibilities,” makes the show’s pace feel more like it’s burning time rather than building to something great.

Image via AMC

Image via AMC

“The Possibilities” follows up on “See” almost immediately, with Jesse exploring his newfound powers while the two “Government Men” seek him out. There was plenty to like in this plotline, including a hilarious sequence where Jesse controls Cassidy and the reveal of exactly why Jesse is being followed: those hunting him are angels and they want his powers. However, these scenes are intercut with a B-story involving Jackie Earle Haley’s Odin Quincannon and his power company. While it’s easy to see this plot bearing fruit down the line, the episode is slowed down greatly whenever it cuts to this thread, which could stand to be explained more than it has.

Regardless, the acting remains on point here, with Dominic Cooper continuing to sell Jesse’s light and dark sides well, and Jackie Earle Haley crafting an interesting villain, despite not having much to work with here. (And of course, it goes without saying that every scene enlivened by Joseph Gilgun’s Cassidy is a good one.) The episode did suffer slightly from the departure of Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg as directors, with episode helmer Scott Winant doing his best to adhere to the style set up in the pilot but lacking the snarky comedic bite of Rogen & Goldberg.  


“The Possibilities” is a fine bridge episode, following up on the events of “See” while continuing to plant seeds for the future, but while the Jesse material proved to be fertile ground, the episode’s other plots didn’t fare as well, and bogged the episode down. It feels like the show is ready to move on from being confined to Annaville, but “The Possibilities” shows no intention of leaving soon. There’s a lot of great, interesting stuff being set up in Preacher, but here’s hoping that some of the seeds it’s planted will bear fruit sooner rather than later.


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