The Block 2: Pokemon NoGo

The blockiest hosts on the Internet discuss Netflix’s CW deal and how ‘Pokemon Go’ refuses to let us catch Weedle.

Walking Down Alleys For A Pigeotto

Welcome to the second Block. In this entry we talk how you can catch Gastly in a graveyard or in your shower (tomato, tomato).

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The Headlines of the Week:

Netflix and the CW Confirm Deal

Batman Killed How Many People in Batman v Superman?

Marvel Introduces Riri Williams

New Overwatch Hero Teased on Twitter

Overwatch to Discontinue Sudden Death in Season 2 of Competitive Mode

All Microsoft Published Games Will Be Cross Buy/Play

Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One Today

Warriors Show Coming to Hulu from the Russo Bros.

GTA Online Introduces Expansion “Cunning Stunts”

In the Discussion Box:

Pokemon Go Is a Beautiful Mess. We discuss Go‘s server issues and why it will sweep the nation en masse.

The W.R.a.P (Watching, Reading and Playing):

This week’s Wrap includes Arrow Season 1, Justice League #1, Pokemon Go (of course) and more.

Listen to The Block 1: Dirty Conch

YouNerded also houses another geeky podcast in DorkDuo, hosted by Adam McConnell and Steve Blixt.

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