Preacher: “South Will Rise” Review

Season 1 Episode 5

Quincannon makes his move as Jesse faces an ultimatum.

Image via AMC

Seeing The Light

Now this is progress. After the first half of the season’s slow burn, “South Will Rise” continued to play with the pieces it set up earlier in the season, with the Quincannon storyline coming into full view and the show inching ever closer to reveal exactly what is giving Jesse his powers. While the show is still playing its cards a little too close to the vest for being halfway through the season, the chain of events set in motion with “South Will Rise” will hopefully lead to the explosive climax the show’s been building to all season.

“South Will Rise” picks up with Jackie Earle Haley’s Odin Quincannon showing the effects of Jesse’s order for him to “Serve God” by being a kinder, gentler person. In the meantime, Jesse is at last confronted by the Angels about the power that’s inside him, and things begin to heat up between Cassidy and Tulip. There was a lot to like in the episode, from Cassidy and Tulip’s crime spree to Odin’s nice guy act, and writer Craig Rosenberg did a superb job of keeping the viewer guessing on where it was all going.

Image via AMC

Image via AMC

Where it went was into a bloody third act that satisfied on several levels, with Odin’s facade dropping and the true nature of Jesse’s powers revealed. While there hasn’t been quite enough movement yet to say that this was worth the wait, it certainly continues to prove that when Preacher does start paying off, it pays off quite well. Although hopefully the wild west segments that have led off the last few episodes (featuring comic villain The Saint of Killers) will have more of an impact on the present day plot soon.


“South Will Rise” continues to prove that when Preacher moves forward, it leaps, delivering the unpredictable, bloody action that made the pilot such a joy to watch. The acting continues to be stellar, and while the show is still moving at a slower pace than it probably should, when the show does begin to cash in its chips, it’s a fantastically well-crafted time.


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