Preacher: “Sundowner” Review

Season 1 Episode 6

The consequences of using Genesis start to stack up as Jesse makes his move.

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“Go To Hell.”

Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!
Image via AMC

Image via AMC

Preacher continued its hot streak this week as the true nature of what Jesse has inside him came to light. Starting with an excellent fight scene and doubling down on the plots it’s been developing all season, “Sundowner” continued to expand the show’s world while furthering the ongoing plot of Jesse and the Angels, and did it in fine form.

The episode picked up almost directly after “South will Rise”, with Jesse and the Angels in the diner before being attacked by a Seraphim—a silent, regenerating enemy bent on bringing all three back to heaven. This led to one of the show’s best fight scenes, with the Sundowner hotel turned into a battleground as the three fought a seemingly immortal foe. And the details on what Jesse has inside him are laid bare at last: “Genesis” is a being that’s the result of a relationship between a devil and an angel, and must be kept secret at all costs!

The episode had some other bright moments as well, from Tulip and Emily’s meeting to the Mayor scrambling to keep Quincannon’s actions in “South Will Rise” a secret. But the big bombshell came at the end of the episode, with an arrogant Jesse heading down a seemingly dark path in order to accomplish his goals. Once again Dominic Cooper is a powerhouse as Jesse, and props go to Ian Colleti for continuing to make Eugene such a unique and engaging character. With Jesse headed for what could be a make or break act for him, it’s going to be great to see where the show goes from here.


“Sundowner” is a prime example of Preacher at its best, with strong performances across the board and a story that builds on an already-intriguing plot while continuing to expand the world. With the origin of Genesis finally revealed and Jesse showing a darker side to use of his powers, it looks like Preacher has stopped biding time and is now living up to the potential of the pilot, and doing it fantastically.


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