Vice Principals: “A Trusty Steed” Review

Season 1 Episode 2

‘Vice Principals’ shows us its dark side as our two VPs attempt to dethrone Belinda.

Image via HBO

“F*** Your Face. F*** Your Butt.”

Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

Vice Principals transitioned nicely from its end last week with Neal and Lee partnering up to take down Dr. Belinda Brown. The opening was a treat, with the two doing some literal backwoods meeting to contrive a plan to uncover any of Brown’s secrets. The cherry on all of this was Dayshawn’s brief reaction of seeing one Neal Gamby telling one Lee Russell to not follow directly behind him after exiting the woods.

Image via HBO

Image via HBO

The episode went darker than expected in terms of the ransacking of Belinda’s house. After the two discover her track record of firing every VP under her, Neal and Lee get desperate. This led to the two siphoning through her trash which quickly escalated to a breaking-and-entering fiasco. Ron Burgundy would be shocked at how quickly things escalated here, with a simple breaking of a mug maturing into a leg batter-rammed through family portraits and the RKOing of ceiling fans. This all went even further, with Lee showing how sinister he is as he coldly ignited a fire, setting the Brown household ablaze.

As “A Trusty Steed” progressed, it showed us that Neal wants the principal job and is willing to get Belinda fired and fire longtime workers to do so, but the episode showed us too that Lee really wants the job and it wouldn’t be far-fetched if we discovered he would kill for the position. Now that Belinda’s hired “pen” Blythe Sason is in the fray, the two VPs have to be very careful in their scheme to the top.


Things took an unexpected dark turn in this week’s Vice Principals. We got a look at how dangerous Lee can be and how Neal will knock anyone down to get the spot he wants. The laughs were still very present, with child-like insults galore, but we were missing fun supporting characters in Deyshawn and Ms. Snodgrass. I would say burning down your boss’s house in hopes for her position is the worst it can get, but seeing what we saw from these two, I think we’re still very close to the bottom.


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