Preacher: “He Gone” Review

Jesse deals with the fallout of “Sundowner” while Quincannon’s plan is revealed.

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“Are You Gonna Let Me Burn, Too?”

Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!
Image via AMC

Image via AMC

Momentum seems to be a word that comes to mind a lot when discussing Preacher, a show whose pacing seems to be both its best and worst feature. At its best, it balances rapid-fire sequences with solid character work, and at worst it merely treads water while building its world. “He Gone” may present a happy medium between the two, as it deals with the fallout of Eugene being literally sent to hell in “Sundowner” while continuing to build towards a confrontation between Jesse and Quincannon.

Following up almost directly on the end of “Sundowner,” this week’s Preacher slowed things down a bit in the aftermath, but offered several new wrinkles as the show barrels forward. Jesse carries on things in the church as usual, but his indifference to Eugene’s fate causes a rift to form between him and Cassidy. Meanwhile, Quincannon’s pretty unreformed plan comes to light as he attempts to take the church from Jesse. There was a lot coming to a head here, including a great conversation between Jesse and Cassidy that revealed that Irish vampire might be the more noble one of the two. Tulip also got a chance to shine in flashbacks that fleshed out the relationship, and eventual separation, of her and Jesse.

Once again, the acting remains on point as Ruth Negga and Joseph Gilgun turned both in fantastic performances, and Jackie Earle Haley continues to haunt as the shifty Quincannon. But as always, this is a show belonging to Dominic Cooper, and his portrayal of Jesse as the Preacher continues down this morally ambiguous plan is still as engrossing as ever.


“He Gone” may have slowed things down a bit, but the breathing time was worth it. All the dominoes the show set up earlier seem to be paying off as Quincannon’s plan is finally laid out and the situation between Jesse and Cassidy is heating up. Preacher is proving to be a master of how to play with its toys. When looking at it in perspective it’s just a shame it took so long to set them up.


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