Arrow: “Seeing Red” Review

The price of protecting your family.

Team Arrow works to deal with a rage-filled Roy Harper while Ollie struggles with the growing Deathstroke threat.

Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

“Seeing Red” kicks off with the immediate after effects of last week’s episode. Roy Harper is still struggling with Slade Wilson transferring almost all of his blood to several other ex-convicts. The side effects caused him to lose what little shreds of self-control he has left. Even though he is ignoring the friendly presence of his team and friend (even giving a good ol’ fashioned backhand to Sin), he still seems to cling to the one thing that has been a constant in his life; whoopin’ ass. But surprisingly enough, his story arch is more of a sub-plot than anything else.

There was a nice quick moment with Sara and Ollie catching some R&R in a hotel. The Black Canary and Green Arrow relationship has long been supported by comic fans, and it’s nice to see the creators and writers giving them their moment in the sun, even though we know it won’t last forever.

(Credit: The CW)

(Credit: The CW)

Mama Queen is not only doing well in her bid for Mayor, but is even pulling ahead of Sebastien Blood in the polls. The problems is, however, that things with Thea and Moira are still piping hot. It’s hard not to sympathize with Thea considering all she has learned about her life in the past few weeks, but after everything the Queen family have been through, it is frustrating that they still haven’t been able to sit down and just freaking talk to one another. I know the drama aspect of the show keeps it interesting, but there’s a point where the family needs to act like a family, and I have yet to see the strength that I know is capable there.

There was a nice switch in the flashback sequences this week. We aren’t taken to the island this time, but rather to a time where a younger Ollie is dating a younger Laurel, but that doesn’t keep him from going full throttle in the arena of bad decisions. Soon after, Laurel is asked to leave so Ollie can rest from a night out on the town with Tommy. He then reveals to Moira (who was eavesdropping nearby) that he’s accidentally gotten a girl pregnant. The advice Moira gives him is a little harsh, but as a woman of privilege, it’s only reasonable to think people are trying to take advantage. But later in the episode, Moira decides to pay the girl 2 million dollars to tell Ollie she lost the child which adds a whole new layer of manipulation and a much darker turn for her character.

The biggest revelation of this episode, however, isn’t that Moira was wanting to drop out of the race for Mayor or how dark her character really is, but was her admitting to Ollie that she had known for the past year that he was the Arrow.  It was heartwarming to hear her say she couldn’t be more proud; it was a really nice touch.

(Credit: The CW)

(Credit: The CW)

“I just care about you too much to be with you.” It’s an annoying conceit that way too many of these CW shows utilize to provide an extra dash of drama to the fold. I was stoked to see Ollie and Sara making as much progress in their relationship as they had been, and even more so to see how great of a team they were, so for it to finally fall apart now is frustrating. Laurel Lance’s revelation that Ollie was actually the Arrow but that she also needed to keep his secret was alright, but I’m not looking to have her switch roles with Sara again. Sara and Ollie seem like a much better pairing than he and Laurel ever did, and I’m going to be a little disappointed if the breakup sticks.

The final act of the episode was one of the best the series has offered so far. Putting Ollie back in the same position he was in on the island when he had to choose between Shado and Sara was a real emotional one. So to have it flipped with his Mom and Sister in the execution seat was difficult and very powerful to watch.


The cast of “Arrow” did a phenomenal job this episode of putting emotion on the forefront. Ironically, Roy Harper’s story was the least interesting of the set. We were given very little information as to what will become of him, but that was overshadowed by all of the drama and crisis that unfolded with Ollie, Sara, Thea, Moira and Slade. I’m looking forward to see how much more pain Slade can inflict on Ollie.


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