Geek Speak #24: Peter Jackson is a Borg

This week we interview a CBS executive and make fun of George Lucas, because it is just too easy.

Image via Warner Bros. Ent.

Resistance Is Futile.

Welcome to the 24th episode of Geek Speak! In this episode we forgive Peter Jackson for the Hobbit movies and talk about our video game histories.

The topics we cover this week are:

  • PS2 emulation coming to PS4
  • Introvert Interview: Adam interviews a CBS executive on the new Star Trek series
  • Alien: Paradise Lost renamed to Alien: Covenant, Ridley Scott “has no plan”
  • Alien: Covenant to feature ‘Ultramorph’
  • Peter Jackson says he was “winging it” on The Hobbit
  • The Force Awakens has already made $50 million in ticket sales, Disney adding more showtimes.
  • All DC movies will be PG-13
  • George Lucas says he won’t return to Star Wars, “all you do is get criticized”
  • My Humble Opinion: Our weekly segment where we both give our honest opinions on what we have recently played/watched recently. This week features Triforce Heroes and Fallout 4.
  • ‘WhoDaWin:’ Our weekly segment where we randomly pick two characters from across the Geek universe and pit them against each other in a random competition so that we can decide ‘Who Would Win, or ‘WhoDaWin.’

Listen to Geek Speak #24: Peter Jackson is a Borg

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And that’s it for this week! Geek Speak will be a weekly show posted each Friday(ish). See you next week!

What did you think of our interview? Does Peter Jackson deserve our love? Will ‘Suicide Squad’ work with a PG-13 rating? Let us know in the comments or email us

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