DorkDuo #10: Cloak and Dagger Go Rogue One

The Dorks (mostly Adam) tear apart the new ‘Rogue One’ trailer and moan about the new ‘Cloak and Dagger’ series.

Image via Lucasfilm / Disney

“I Rebel.”

Welcome to the 10th episode of DorkDuo! This episode features Adam getting nerdy about Star Wars, and the Dorks dissect the latest Marvel and DC news.

The topics we cover this week are:

  • Rogue One Trailer
  • Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger announced, coming to Freeform, aiming for young adult audience
  • Spider-Man reboot rumored to be called Spider-Man Homecoming
  • Warner Bros. re-examining DC movie approach, doing reshoots for Suicide Squad
  • Cyborg may appear in Flash movie
  • Real Masters of Eternia announced
  • Death Note live-action movie coming to Netflix, probably
  • Playstation 4.5 update
  • Plans for Galaxy Quest sequel and TV show on hold after Alan Rickman’s death
  • My Humble Opinion: Our weekly segment where we both give our honest opinions on what we have recently played/watched recently. This week the Dorks look at Dragon Age: Inquisition and Star Wars Volume 2: Showdown on the Smuggler’s Moon
  • WhoDaWin: Our weekly segment where we randomly pick two characters from across the Geek universe and pit them against each other in a random competition so that we can decide ‘Who Would Win,’ or ‘WhoDaWin.’

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And that’s it for this week! DorkDuo will be a weekly show posted each Friday(ish). See you next week!

Do you like Adam’s theory on ‘Rogue One’?  Will ‘Cloak and Dagger’ succeed our meager expectations? Tell us your opinion in the comments or email us

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