‘Watch_Dogs’ First Impressions

Been spending most our lives, living in a hacker’s paradise.

First impressions are the most lasting, and “Watch_Dogs” makes a great one as you drive, shoot and hack your way through the beautiful digital representation of Chicago.

Note: The following feature is SPOILER FREE!

As you no doubt know, “Watch_Dogs” was released today for everything except handheld systems and the Wii U (a version will hit the system later this year.) While the game hasn’t been played long enough to warrant a full in depth review with an accompanying score, we did want to make sure you had a base knowledge of how well the game is doing for those of you trying to sift through as much information as possible before making it rain in your local video game store.

Thus far, “Watch_Dogs” does a great job in tethering the use of the smartphone into everything that you do. It works so well because it mirrors how we interact with our environments with our phones in the same way, adding that sense of realism. Want to switch up your playlist while walking around town or driving your car? “Watch_Dogs” lets you do that. Want to find some mini games to play to take a break from the overall story? “Watch_Dogs” lets you do that as well. “Watch_Dogs” gives the player free reign to do nearly anything, things like seeing how wealthy people are and hack their bank accounts to make yourself crazy amounts of money. You can also just drive around to all the coolest parts of the Chicago and check-in to let your friends know where you’ve traveled.


That is the biggest thing the game is doing so very well in their digital recreation of Chicago. If you’ve never traveled there, you need too. If you have, you’ll notice it checks all the right boxes and nails the feel of The Windy City. “Watch_Dogs” then takes everything that you already do day-to-day with your cellphone and makes it practical to interface with the environment around you, that is, if you were given this excellent hacking application and a thirst for vengeance.

The driving mechanics are a little strange, but that’s mostly because of the camera angles when you speed through the city. It might take a little while longer to really anchor it and figure out the best use, but so far it’s caused more problems than anything else. The multiplayer aspects have been fun overall, but as the game just released this morning, we’re still struggling to master the elements of each of the gameplay styles. More often than not, you’ll be joined by a first timer that will be far too busy running around aimlessly to actually help you.


We are looking forward to getting the full in depth review to you as soon as possible, but first impressions are important, and “Watch_Dogs” makes a great one. It is a game that is definitely worth checking out.

What platform do you plan to get “Watch_Dogs” for? Already picked it up? Hack the comments below and let your voice be heard.

*This feature on "Watch_Dogs" is based off playing a retail copy of the game on the PlayStation 4 console.
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