Ink Tank #2: Summer Movie Showdown

Liam Neeson should be in everything!

This week in the Ink Tank, Max and Alex devour some casting news while discussing their favorite movies of the summer (hint: one involves both Guardians and a Galaxy.)

Welcome back to the most fantastic of discussions made possible by the Ink Tank age of Podcasts! In this astonishing installment, Max and Alex react to the casting of a certain superlative supervillain on Season 3 of Arrow before diving into a discussion of the sometimes debonair, sometimes destitute summer movie season. Which films fared most fantastically? How much longer can Max keep up writing in the voice of Stan Lee? Just how much did our heroes enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy? Listen in to find out, true believers!

Recommended reading for this week: Age of Ultron by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Bryan Hitch and Brandon Peterson. Pick it up here:

That’s it for this week, but return soon as the countdown to Arrow continues and the dynamic duo turn their heads to the most disappointing films of the summer! It’s shocking! It’s crazy! And it’s next week on Ink Tank!

What’s your top pick of the summer blockbusters? Which side do you fall on in the great Godzilla debate? Are you Groot? Write your thoughts in the comments column below.

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Max Mielecki is a TV writer at YouNerded and does comedy for the interwebs. He knows Han shot first. For further ramblings follow him on Twitter @Maxmielecki.

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