Taylor Swift: ‘1989’ Review

Taylor Swift hasn’t slowed down her lovesick turbulence.


If you are already a dedicated Taylor Swift fan, great. But if you happen to fall short in understanding this girl’s popularity, buy the deluxe version of 1989, because then, and only then will you be able to grasp a handful of respect and admiration for her craft.

The deluxe version has three voice memos attached at the end of the album where we get a first hand glimpse of her coveted writing process, and generally, how she makes music and its concepts, and her art.

Taylor Swift is one of the only ones of her successful peers who actually writes her own songs, which automatically sets her apart.

And yes, her songs can become utterly cliche’, but with 1989 she found a niche to make the obvious lyrical. It’s like she strips out the pages of her diaries to pen poetry like “Clean,” a trigger happy teen who journals every little detail of her life — but who’s to say that this is a bad thing?


There isn’t much to the pop aesthetic besides an angle to make something that the people can sing or dance along to, and this girl has mastered how to make the bigger of biggest of hit records, but with a twist. This album is very melodic, and although she doesn’t have much range, she works well with what she does have. The darkness of this project comes off as endearing versus forced, with pretty tracks like “This Love” and the strategic production and all around amazing “I Know Places.”

“Welcome To New York” opens up the doors to what’s to come — a modern 80s experience, you know, the Generation Y version of vintage. And a couple of songs later, you’re hit with “Style,” with music so good that its possible to pretend not to hear the James Deen reference. “I Wish You Would” (probably her next single), just like “Wonderland,” gets hectic on the hooks.

Standout Track: “Wildest Dreams”


So what if her guitar only made guest appearances this time around. The God given natural talent of 1989 is better than any “country” song Taylor Swift has ever sung.

Are you aboard the pop train or have tear drops been falling on your guitar since 2012?


*This review of 1989 is based on the 19-track Deluxe Edition
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