Nerd Issues Weekly #22

YouNerded’s weekly pull for the week of 6.10.2015.

Get your geek on with ‘Captain Carol,’ ‘Chrononauts’ and Hardcover Collection of ‘The Wake.’

Marvel Comics

We’ve got an abundance of new issues for you to pull from. Starting this week, we’re going to be introducing a sub-list in each week of issues that we’ve talked about in the past known as the Short List. We’ve got everything this week from zombies to time travelers, so let’s get started!

Chrononauts #4

Publisher: Image Comics
Story by: Mark Millar
Art by: Sean Murphy
Cover by: Sean Murphy
Cover Price: $5.99

Image Comics

Image Comics

It’s hard to find a better tandem in comics than the one we have in Chrononauts with Mark Millar and Sean Murphy. Millar is always making waves, signing movie deals and launching new series. And if you aren’t familiar with the work of Sean Murphy, then you should do yourself a favor and look into picking up a series like Punk Rock Jesus, The Wake and American Vampire. This week, the 4-part series—that already has been snatched up by Universal Studios for its film rights—reaches its conclusion. For those who haven’t picked up the previous three issues, the series dances around the fragile space time continuum, while two scientific best buds travel through time and leave a less than desirable foot print. With this chapter of their story closing, with the strong possibility of a sequel coming in the future, Danny and Corbin try to clean up the giant mess that they’ve created, all while going up against a legion of soldiers—and even dinosaurs! Do yourself a favor and support two of the industry’s greatest by picking up this sure-to-be thrilling finale.

Midnight Society The Black Lake #1

Publisher: Dark Horse
Story by: Drew Johnson
Art by: Drew Johnson
Cover by: Drew Johnson
Cover Price: $3.99

Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics

Admittedly, until just a few days ago, I wasn’t familiar with Midnight Society, but after seeing that the Loch Ness Monster would be the focal point of the series, I was sold. Drew Johnson is bringing his first ever, creator-controlled comic to Dark Horse this week, an effort that will have him handling the story as well as the art. If the idea of turning through pages as the appropriately named Matilda Finn attempts a high risk rescue mission on Nessie herself, then the fact that Drew Johnson is attached to this should be enough to get you pulling.

Captain Marvel And The Carol Corps #1

Publisher: Marvel
Story by: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art by: David Lopez
Cover by: David Lopez
Cover Price: $3.99

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics

Another week of Secret Wars and another couples of new series from Marvel, and up first, we’ve got Captain Marvel And The Carol Corps. With the announcement of the Captain Marvel movie last year, it’s no wonder the character has been receiving more and more attention in the publisher’s spotlight, as they look to build the character’s series in a similar manner as they did with Guardians of the Galaxy. The series is looking to introduce readers to a new, albeit familiar version of Carol Danvers, as she leads her elite group, the Carol Corps. The series itself looks beautiful on the pages, with a new retro-ish style that David Lopez has seemed to perfect. With Kelly Sue Deconnick and Kelly Thompson handling the writing, I think we’re in for a real treat with this first issue.

Marvel Zombies #1

Publisher: Marvel
Story by: Simon Spurrier
Art by: Kev Walker
Cover by: Kev Walker
Cover Price: $3.99

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics

Superheroes are fun. Zombies are fun. Superheroes and zombies together? Incredible. Under the Battleworld banner—the set of series that will directly impact the events of Secret Wars—Marvel is going to be debuting the newest installment of their zombie series with Marvel Zombies #1. Elsa Bloodstone (a Buffy the Vampire Slayer-esque character) has the sole responsibility of keeping waves of zombies from having their way with the Battleworld, a task that is borderline impossible. Things get even more complicated when a helpless child enters the scene, and it becomes her sole mission to make sure the kid makes it out alive. In what might not be the strongest of stories from the humongous event, it’s always worth it to give these little side series a shot.

The Wake TP (Hardcover)

Publisher: DC Comics
Story by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Sean Murphy
Cover by: Sean Murphy
Cover Price: $17.99

DC Comics

DC Comics

Last but not least, we’ve got the hardcover edition of The Wake, a series that I cannot recommend enough. It’s been mentioned before on NIW, but it’s a series that you seriously need to check out! Remember when I said there were few better tandems in a comic series other than Mark Millar and Sean Murphy? Well, Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy really do make their case for that title with this series alone. Now do yourself a favor and pick up this special collection of 10 thrilling issues!

The Short List:

Saga #29 – $2.99 – Image Comics

The Walking Dead #142 – $2.99 – Image Comics

Mrs Deadpool And Howling Commandos #1 $3.99 – Marvel Comics

Batman #41 – $3.99 – DC Comics

Spider-Gwen #5 $3.99 – Marvel Comics

What’s your Short List of comics for this week? Is ‘Chrononauts’ deserving of a second series? Tweet me @TarynGStark. And be sure to follow us at @YouNerded.

Source(s): TFawComicList

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