Heroes Reborn: “The Needs of the Many” Review

Heroes: Reborn Season 1 Episode 4

‘Heroes Reborn’ continues with an unfocused but satisfying adventure.

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Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

Heroes Reborn is becoming less and less like the densely connected web of life the original Heroes was and more like a superhero anthology series that features one or two main plots and boasts a few bonus ones to go with it. That’s essentially the experience of watching “Heroes Reborn” with Noah Bennett’s quest to uncover the events of June 13th taking precedence but not having much to do with the other stories the show is telling.

That’s not to say the other stories are bad, on the contrary, the story of Carlos as a budding vigilante (who appears to be building Iron Man armor) continues to provide good dramatic fodder, as does Zachary Levi’s Luke, who must go from hunting EVOs to being one. Levi continues to be one of the finest characters on the show, really selling the fear and the overall anger Luke has at becoming at the very thing he hates—and seeing his world crumble away around him because of it. Katana girl is also proving interesting, with the series committing fully to her bonkers, TRON-esque plot and in the process providing a pretty nice love letter to the gaming community.

Image via NBC

Image via NBC

While “The Needs of the Many” and “Heroes Reborn” as a whole is made up of some pretty good parts, what is holding it back is a lack of cohesion. Whereas the original series’ first season united the cast around a couple of landmarks (The Company, Mr. Linderman, etc.), “Heroes Reborn” doesn’t really have the feeling that everything is building to something. Noah Bennett’s journey, while well-written and entertaining, seems a world away from Carlos’ auto body shop or Luke’s journey of vengeance. While the show makes a valiant effort to make give the proceedings more meaningful, and foreshadow things to come, it just doesn’t have the immediacy it needs yet.


“Heroes Reborn” is a show that has some great parts that don’t quite add up to a cohesive whole, and “The Needs of the Many” was a great example of that. While the individual stories continue to entertain, the show needs to become cohesive and begin bringing these characters together in a meaningful way. Perhaps it will play better when it’s all there on Netflix, but currently it’s more “Marvel Team-Up” than it is “The Avengers.”


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