Justified: “Trust” Review

Justified Season 6 Episode 10

With so much at stake, several characters make some life defining decisions.



Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

Did anyone see that coming? Anyone? Because I sure as hell didn’t! There’s been all this talk of Boyd trying to get out alive and whether Raylan would catch him, yet nobody stopped to consider that Ava would be the one to make a break for it in the end. There’s been a very clever build-up to all of this throughout the season. We saw Ava at her most desperate earlier in the season, and she even made a run for it at one stage. That moment where Raylan brought her back home was probably the moment she decided to start playing her own game with Raylan and Boyd. She truly loved Boyd, but I guess all those years of struggle made her put herself first.

Raylan got played quite easily by Ava all the way through it. She didn’t seduce or influence him in an obvious way, but their history together left him with a soft spot for her, one she exploited in subtle ways. If this connection wasn’t there, he would have never told her that Vasquez was pulling her deal, which was surely a factor in her extreme actions at the end of the episode. Ava shot Boyd pretty much in the exact same spot that Raylan shot him in the series premiere. Boyd’s definitely not dead anyway, that’s for certain, although I’m wondering how much this turn of events will affect his involvement in the final few episodes. He had a long recovery after Raylan shot him, but surely he’s going to be around to have his say in the finale. We could be set for one final face-off between Raylan and Boyd, as they both race to find Ava first.

As I theorized last week, Mikey did indeed turn on Duffy. Duffy’s mistake was revealing the full extent of his treachery to an associate who lived by a proper moral code. I’d imagine Duffy has to die at this stage, as I don’t see a way for him to weasel out of this one. Markham knows the truth about Hale’s scheme now, and I have a feeling that he won’t be in a hurry to kill her. He handed over all of his money to Boyd to save her life, and she could well be the only meaningful thing left in his. If they both find out about Duffy’s misdeeds, then Duffy would be in for a world of pain. The only thing going right for Duffy is that Mikey didn’t get to speak to Hale directly, and he didn’t reveal the truth about Duffy in his voicemail message. This leaves the slightest bit of wiggle room for Duffy to escape.



Markham’s latest hired hand, Boon, has been another great addition to the show. Actor Jonathan Tucker brings an immediately disturbing vibe to him. He manages to be menacing without ever being over the top with his threats. His little introduction to Loretta last week was creepy as hell, and he carried on down this trail by freaking out a waiter and customer in a local café. The way he kept referring to Loretta as his girl was creepy as hell, and he seems destined for a showdown with Raylan in the very near future. If we’re to believe all of his talk, then he could be a serious match for Raylan in the gunslinger department, and I wonder could he be Raylan’s last big test before the endgame, whatever it may be. As much as it’s been a big part of this final season, I expect the majority of the Markham related business to be cleared off Raylan’s plate come the midway point in the finale.


“Trust” was the perfect name for this episode. Raylan and Boyd both trusted Ava to some extent, while Markham and Hale’s relationship was basically built on a lack of trust. Along with all of this, Mikey turned on Duffy in a serious breach of trust. My mind has been racing for nearly a full year now as I contemplated how the series might end. Boyd vs. Raylan has always been the expected outcome, but Ava has stolen a march on the boys, and now finds herself hitting the open road with millions of dollars at her disposal. Raylan will be pretty miffed, and Boyd isn’t going to give up very easily, so we could end up getting Raylan vs. Boyd in the form of a race to find Ava first. Ava’s judgement call was completely unexpected, but also makes total sense. And with just three episodes remaining, it sets us up perfectly for the final act.

92/100 – Superb

What’s next for Boyd and Ava after their relationship got shot to pieces? Will she ride off into the sunset with that money, or will Boyd track her down in search of vengeance? And just where will Raylan factor into all of this? Tweet me all the speculation @OldSnake24 or let me know in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow us @YouNerded.

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